Sunday, April 8, 2007

A letter to Mr.Callum Robertson

Dear Mr. Robertson,
We are a group of students from University “ Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar who have listened to your show. We really liked the show because it was so interesting and you were talking about an issue that was connected to us.Since we have heard a lot of different opinions, we would like to give you our own comments.First thing that seemed interesting for us was the discussion about that supermarket sign “ 10 items or less”. We know that it is basically incorrect but since it is understandable to the majority we think that it is acceptable.The next thing that had our attention was the discussion about fluency and accuracy. Balance in everything is always needed so we think that balance between these two things is also needed. In the other hand, we think that accuracy can be learnt while fluency is something you were born with. How to make a balance? Easily. Accuracy you get by time and fluency is something you were born with, but you can make it better or worse by reading and expanding your vocabulary. So, you only have to learn by time to be accurate and read as much as possible you can.We also want to give our comment on what should the professors teach the students. They should teach them the correct and incorrect forms so that they could know the difference between them. With ‘incorrect forms’ we don’t think of totally wrong or made up forms but of the forms that are accepted and understandable for most people that speak English.In the end, we would like to say that we really love and enjoy listening to your show. We would like you to have as many as possible shows of this kind because they are very useful for students, especially for the ones that are non-natives.

Sincerely yours,Second year’s students of English language and literature

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Erin said...

Your group makes some great comments, and has an easy, natural way of writing a letter. My only comment: PARAGRAPHS! You need to make your points clearer visually.